Local Search Engine Optimization Guide 2014

My daily experience as a SEO expert I can say that more and more companies are starting to become aware of the importance of locally positioned for their website, but still very few use yet sometimes simple techniques to reference local. But above all what is local SEO?

Local SEO is ' techniques and actions that aim to position a site in the results pages for motors to a localized query of type: locksmith Nantes. "

Local SEO is a no-brainer for businesses close as caterers, hairdressers, plumbers for example, but also to franchisees or schools. But each company can finally find an interest in developing its local visibility. A coach carrying in Paris will for example focus on premise for a successful SEO strategy, as any contact outside Paris will be not exploitable. And a undertaking a national market will be interested in completing its traffic from generic keywords by localized expressions.

But how to improve its local visibility?

Below I will list 15 Tips applicable to all and use depending on its strategy and its objectives. I'll distinguish On Page optimizations (on your site) and Off Page optimizations that correspond to your visibility on other sites by links. I will finish this article by 5 tips to optimize your Google Place + local (formerly Google address).

Take care of your storefront

Your site must be a showcase of your activity and relay information relevant, unique and regularly updated.
1 - Choose the right keywords that generate traffic at the local level for your business. Think about your Department, the surrounding major cities, boroughs...To help you in your search, see the estimates of Google with this tool.
2 implement these keywords on your site at strategic locations which will be read by Google and users as often as possible. Create a contact page and fill in your contact information in the footer of your site.
3 - If you are targeting several cities, create dedicated pages.
4 - If you have a blog enjoy to include key words referred to in the articles.
5 - Think snippets on your site (rich snippets) and more particularly the extracts specially created for the local. More information here and here.

Be recognized

The popularity of your site is a very important element in the Google algorithm to define your positioning.
It is important to develop and to ensure your online reputation. And this even at the local level.
6 think to register on local directories, yellow pages or local agency that could talk your company (Town Hall, Chamber of commerce, office of tourism...)
7 - Join topics on local information sites and develop relationships with bloggers in your municipality or Department.
8 - Build partnerships at the local level such as clubs and sports associations. You can ask for links to your site in return.
9 seek advice of your consumers on specialized sites like tripadvisor if you are in the industry of tourism for example.
10 - Think about social networks and try to find local opinion leaders who will carry your status Facebook, your Tweets or any other activity. Play on the specialization of social networks with content dedicated to each channel.
Note that there are specialized in the local social networks.

Take advantage of Google + local

Google via its maps service seeks to list a maximum of addresses on the web. Formerly Google address, the service merged with Google + and is now called + Google Local.

11 - Add a card for each of your establishments associated with your web site. If you are a franchise, we recommend adding them all. Google offers a simple user on this page guide.
12 enjoy options pages + Google local as the added information about your business, photos, videos. Google offers the possibility to publish articles based on your news. Either as many opportunities to add your targeted keywords and links to your site.
13 - Choose key words and categories that you want to appear.
14 - Get the opinions of your customers, they are important, because a note will be displayed directly in the SERPs.
15 - Encourage them to participate on your page by adding media (photos, videos...).

There are of course other ways to optimize its local positioning, but by applying these 15 simple tips I am sure you will already see some interesting results. Here's hoping that this article has helped you in your SEO strategy.


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