How To Build Up Your Own Websites Within a Few Minutes

We all now know the importance of having a website. if you have a small business and you don’t have a website then you are missing the most powerful  marketing tool  which is available to you.And this is also not called the professionalism.

But it doesn't mean you only need a website, when you have your own  business. You can build your own  personal will make your identity.Or  you can build up a site for entertaining people or making some money by doing Blogging or Affiliation or some other stuff.i'll describe this things later...

But now you may thinking,

”Yes… I know the importance of having a website. But I don’t How to build up a site and I also don’t have enough money to hire a web developer,so what to do?”

Well….You don’t have to worry about this,Because now you are in the right place,in this article I’m going to show you  a Easy And Simple way to make your own website

So,lets get started

Getting A  DOMAIN:

You may already know what actually the Domain is.its the name of a,at  first you have to select a  domain name for your Web Site

You can get your domain from GoDaddy or Namechep.They are the best company for providing domain names.And it will not cost you a much.

If you don’t know how to register a domain then this video will show you everything

Getting Hosting:

If you  are making a website then a space will be needed for storing your  data.

Getting hosting is like renting a space.Hosting will store your data into a server, so it can be accessed over the web

There has a lot of company who is providing hosting. But I recommend you to use HostGator.Its one of the best Hosting company because of their service and security .  
So Here Is how,you can get a hosting

Go to Hostgator. Then click on the “View Web Hosting Plan”.You will find this page

Always try to go with the “Baby Plan”, Because in this “Baby Plan” you will able to set up as many domains as you can.Then click on  “Order Now” button and Fill Out all of the information what they are asking to you.

But in  coupon area, Try To Put this code TechTipsAtFree because by putting this code you will get a $9.94 discount.which is really awesome.

You can also purchase it without putting this Code.but the difference is,you will not get this 9.94 dollar Discount

Once You have Done with the Hosting then we will enter into the next step,

Setting Up The Site:

This is the main part.Once you have finished  with Domain and Hosting Then Follow this video, In this 2.50 minute short video you will able to learn How to set up a site within a few minutes.

Making Your site look awesome:

Now your site is set up.but it's not looking good,so,for giving this site a professional look we will use can download any of the free theme from Here.Or you can Purchase some paid theme From ThemeForest.

Here is how,you can install a theme

Now, You are done, you just made your own web site

Now keep posting or do whatever you want to do with your site.

In my next article I will try to cover how you can make money from your site.Cheers!!