11 Best Frameworks for Android Applications Development

Android - the perfect platform for mobile devices, it runs on millions of smartphones in 200 countries around the world. In this post, I have collected some popular framework for developing applications for Android, from among popular among developers.
The meaning of the framework - to increase productivity, reduces costs for the development effort.
Ideally, they save time for developers to tackle the really important issues when developing an application.

1)Corona SDK

Corona SDK

A rich toolkit for creating games and applications in record time
It provides a very rapid development. Elegant API simplifies the addition of complex functions, it allows you to process immediately see the changes made, the very same goes for the development of Lua - easy to learn language. All this leads to a record rate of development.
The most popular framework, is often used by game developers, but suitable for all kinds of applications.
Already more than one million developers use the API, support for native interface, built-in engine and advertising platform.

2) Phonegap

Easily create applications using web technologies.Uses HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Apache and is sponsored by Adobe. Version 2.0 offers support for Windows phone, new libraries and functions of the CLI. To insert the code into the major applications used tool Cordova WebView

3) Xamarin

For this framework, you can write code in C #. He also works on iOS and Windows. Supports testing applications in the cloud.

4) Sencha Touch 2.4

The ideal platform for developing and managing secure business applications running on different devices. The development is carried out in JavaScript and HTML5. Built-MVC, 50 different internal components, control system development. There is a free application publishing feature on Google Play.

5) Appcelerator

The developers claim that the world's two billion run applications built on this framework. Part of the framework is the Titanium SDK, which supports development in JavaScript

6) Basic4Android

RAD (rapid application development) and the availability of its IDE. Development is carried out on a simple programming language, reminiscent of Visual Basic.

7) JQuery Mobile

JQuery, sharpened by working with touch screens. It helps developers to build websites with responsive design and applications running on the desktop as well as on tablets and smartphones.

8) Dojo Mobile

A framework for creating applications based on HTML5 + JavaScript, which helps to realize the rapid development of mobile applications for Android and iOS. There is a set of forms, MVC, and cute application threads.

9) Sproutcore

MVC-design, performance optimization and care for extensibility applications.

10) Theappbuilder

Based on HTML5. It offers a simple drag and drop interface without writing code that allows you to rapidly develop applications. Particular attention is paid to the integration with social networks and direct mailing application on Google Play.

11) DHTMLX Touch

Library-based AJAX and JavaScript, for creating widgets and applications based on HTML5.