Stop a hanged program in one click without task manager

Most of the computer users use Windows. It's a common problem is  Windows will hang sometimes. Most of us attempt to solve this program by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del, that is opening task manager. sometime it can not stop the hanged program.Today I will show you close how to close a  hang up  program  in 1click. 

At first right click on desktop and create a new Shortcut. A new dialog box will appear for locating shortcut. then paste the following code taskkill.exe /f /fi “status eq not responding”

Then give a name for the shortcut and click Finish. Now it is done. Now if any program is hanged just double click on your created shortcut for stopping the program. 

Disable USB Ports on Computer without any Software

Most of the time we use our computer's hard-disk for storing our valuable and personal data. And there is a great threat of stealing those data by easy use of USB ports. Also there is there is a chance of being affected by malwares and viruses. We can easily solve those problem if  we disable USB ports. Now I will show you how to disable USB ports easily without using any software

From the desktop write click the mouse pointer on My Computer .

Now click on Manage > then click Device Manager.

Then click Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

Then right click the USB Root Hub and  select Disable (second one from the last)

Now any pen drives/modem/portable hard-disk will not be shown on your pc.

You can enable USB Ports anytime by following the same steps. 

Easy tips for mastering Google search

We mainly use Google for searching anything all over the world, Some peoples waste lots of time for searching something, because they don’t know how to search on google to find quickly there desired  search result. Now I will show you how to mastering Google search for finding something from Google quickly and easily.

For searching pictures use .jpg after the  desired picture name.

For video just use the your desired video format name after the video name, such as .3gp, .mp4, .mpeg  

For  mp3 searching use .mp3 after the name.

For searching theme on google use .nth thm after the theme name.

Symbian games and soft can be found quickly if you use .sis after the soft/games name.

For finding java games/soft easily use .jar/.jad after the name.

If you want to search pc games and software at first type your desired games/software name  and use .exe after the name.

Show your name on taskbar

In the right side of task bar there is clock, and right next to the clock there is AM or PM . If  before or after the AM/PM your name also be shown, how will it looks? It must be great to see. Let's have look on a so easy tricks about how to show your name on task-bar

At first open Control Panel> click Regional and Language Option

Beside English (United States) >click Customize button
Then a new dialog box will open> click the Time tab

Then write your name before or after AM Symbol
Again write your name before or after PM symbol

Finally  Apply> OK

Now your name will be shown on task-bar.

Delete virus from Pen drive without any software

Today  I will share a very useful tricks about how to remove virus from your pen drive without any software and also without formatting the pen drive.
At first open the run command from start menu, then open  cmd in the run after that  paste the code attrib-h-r-s / s / d g: \ *. *   

now press enter and open your pen drive without any tension.
The code is for those computer where pen drive shown a G drive, If your PC shows pendrive with some other letter like I/H. then just past the I/H letter in place of  g  in the code.  (attrib-h-r-s / s / d h: \ *. *    or  attrib-h-r-s / s / d i: \ *. *   )

Please also note that some viruses may not be removed by this tricks.

What to do when operating system is not working properly?

We use  computers in our daily life many ways. Sometimes there may be something wrong when we are in a hurry while using computer.Such as Some cases we delete a file from  C drive accidentally  that is useful for operating system or we uninstall any software that is useful for operating system, then the computer will not work properly a error message will shown like “files missing”. Now are you tensed about how to get your operating system working properly??
No more waiting I will now show you the tricks about Operating System troubleshoot.
In order to solve this type of problem now remember the earlier date when your operating system was  alright . The date need not to be accurate just estimate.
For doing this you have to open  C: \ WINDOWS \ System32 \ Restore then double click on  rstrui.exe , then a new window will appear on the new window,  now  select Restore my computer to an earlier time click on next . Now you will see a calender . Now select the date (on which date your computer was okay)> click on next.

A new window will appear then click next button  again. After the Auto Restart the computer there will appear a  success messages.

How to make new folder using notepad.

To Create new folder we usually right-click the mouse and  then click on the new folder. After that we also have to rename the folder name. Now just think, if you need to create 100 folder than you have to give more than 300 command, and it may takes more than one hour.
Today I will show you the most shortcut way of creating new folder with minimum command and time by using notepad.
 At first, open Start>run>notepad  your computer. Then write md then press space after that write your  folder name that you want(use space after each name). Suppose I have to create 8 folder in the following names
 a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h

then I have to write on notepad by following ways
md a b c d e f g h

Now it’s the time for saving the folder. Press on the  “save as” then give any names at the end of the file name write  .bat  .  Lets open  your     .bat    file . Now you will get your folders.

Reduced Windows Installing Time without software

Sometimes you have to change our Windows Operating System for several reasons.The problem is  the Windows Operating System takes long time time to install . Today I will teach you how to  install Windows Operating System faster .
 As usual boot Windows Operating System's CD on a PC. When the Windows Operating System's file start copying then from the keyboard press Shift + F10. Now a new box will appear. In the box type “taskmgr” and then press Enter. Now press the “Process Button”  . Now on the “system.exe” right click the mouse.
Set priority> High .
In the same way “High”  windows.exe.
Minimize the box and it is done . Now wait and see  how quickly you can install the Windows Operating System.

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit (Full) System Builder DVD 1 Pack

Easy way to delete the Undeleteable file

Sometimes an error message shows  when you try to delete a file that “the file cannot be deleted / Windows was unable to delete the file”. In any reason the file may corrupt / compromise is justly execute explorer.exe file, so you can not delete the file. Now I will show you the tricks for deleting this types of files:

1. At first Open the Command Prompt, then minimize it.
2. Close all the open  softwares. (If open)
3. Now have to stop the EXPLORER.EXE program . you can do this by this way: start menu and select Shut Down> CTRL + SHIFT + ALT key and click the CANCEL button. Then EXPLORER.EXE program will be stopped.
4. Now go to the opened command prompt at step 1, then Command Prompt, go to> directory change the place where the files are there Undeleteable> DEL spaces file-name (the file you want to delete), and then press Enter.
5. Go back to the Task Manager click File, New Task and press EXPLORER.EXE.
6. Close the Task Manager.

How to use your Micro-SD Card carefully

The Micro-SD  Card is widely used in many multimedia phone all over the world, but it is often crushed or broken unnecessarily. 
Some caution should be used for it’s longer life they are:
1. We should load it’s 80% storage Capacity.
2. Card from  mobile should not open or fitted again and again.
3. This card's shape is just like the English letter L, so it should not put on a flat pressured place or in the bag or wallet.
4. It should not be repeatedly plunged and unplugged with computer.
5. Many of these cards should not be placed together.
6. Since its elasticity times (Elasticity) is low so the pressure should not be applied.

7. The card should not be formatted many times.