How to make new folder using notepad.

To Create new folder we usually right-click the mouse and  then click on the new folder. After that we also have to rename the folder name. Now just think, if you need to create 100 folder than you have to give more than 300 command, and it may takes more than one hour.
Today I will show you the most shortcut way of creating new folder with minimum command and time by using notepad.
 At first, open Start>run>notepad  your computer. Then write md then press space after that write your  folder name that you want(use space after each name). Suppose I have to create 8 folder in the following names
 a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h

then I have to write on notepad by following ways
md a b c d e f g h

Now it’s the time for saving the folder. Press on the  “save as” then give any names at the end of the file name write  .bat  .  Lets open  your     .bat    file . Now you will get your folders.


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