Easy tips for mastering Google search

We mainly use Google for searching anything all over the world, Some peoples waste lots of time for searching something, because they don’t know how to search on google to find quickly there desired  search result. Now I will show you how to mastering Google search for finding something from Google quickly and easily.

For searching pictures use .jpg after the  desired picture name.

For video just use the your desired video format name after the video name, such as .3gp, .mp4, .mpeg  

For  mp3 searching use .mp3 after the name.

For searching theme on google use .nth thm after the theme name.

Symbian games and soft can be found quickly if you use .sis after the soft/games name.

For finding java games/soft easily use .jar/.jad after the name.

If you want to search pc games and software at first type your desired games/software name  and use .exe after the name.


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