Easy way to delete the Undeleteable file

Sometimes an error message shows  when you try to delete a file that “the file cannot be deleted / Windows was unable to delete the file”. In any reason the file may corrupt / compromise is justly execute explorer.exe file, so you can not delete the file. Now I will show you the tricks for deleting this types of files:

1. At first Open the Command Prompt, then minimize it.
2. Close all the open  softwares. (If open)
3. Now have to stop the EXPLORER.EXE program . you can do this by this way: start menu and select Shut Down> CTRL + SHIFT + ALT key and click the CANCEL button. Then EXPLORER.EXE program will be stopped.
4. Now go to the opened command prompt at step 1, then Command Prompt, go to> directory change the place where the files are there Undeleteable> DEL spaces file-name (the file you want to delete), and then press Enter.
5. Go back to the Task Manager click File, New Task and press EXPLORER.EXE.
6. Close the Task Manager.


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