Delete virus from Pen drive without any software

Today  I will share a very useful tricks about how to remove virus from your pen drive without any software and also without formatting the pen drive.
At first open the run command from start menu, then open  cmd in the run after that  paste the code attrib-h-r-s / s / d g: \ *. *   

now press enter and open your pen drive without any tension.
The code is for those computer where pen drive shown a G drive, If your PC shows pendrive with some other letter like I/H. then just past the I/H letter in place of  g  in the code.  (attrib-h-r-s / s / d h: \ *. *    or  attrib-h-r-s / s / d i: \ *. *   )

Please also note that some viruses may not be removed by this tricks.


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