Alternative of Pendrive

Normally we use pen drive for transferring data from one pc to another and also storing our important data.But there is lots of disadvantages with pen-drives Such as the pen-drive may be lost or crushed also there is a great chance of being attacked with viruses.Now are you tensed about pendrive? Today I will introduce yourself about a with a long term solution rather than pen-drive. Use  google docs / google drive, there is no chance of virus attac no chance of losing your important data. Now you can store your important Videos, Audios,Software on google drive and  download them from anywhere anytime .

Lets have a look what to do for having a Google drive account

At first create a google account ।then click on the “google document” from the top, after that login with your id and password,then press the “arrow” icon beside “create”  then click on the “files”.  Now you can upload anything to google drive from your hard disk upto 5GB. 


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